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My 9 years on IMVU I became IMVU member in 2006 when I was only 13. I’m almost 23 now. I didn’t lie about my age because as far as I remember it was required to set your real age. Despite being IMVU member for so long, I still can’t tell whether it was better back then. When I used to play in 2006 adults and kids were generally allowed to be in the same room and do AP actions. I can recall strip clubs and bikinis on the beach as these were the only rooms I went to. Being in a room with just one person may be quite boring so I always visited rooms where more than 3 people were present. IMVU gives you a chance to do everything you can’t do in real life. In my opinion, this is exactly the point of it. By experiencing the worst online you will learn what shouldn’t be done in real life. At least this is what good came out of it for me. You should be able to do whatever you want online on a condition that you don’t try to mirror it in real life and it doesn’t include hurting others, unless they wish to be hurt? I’ve never had a relationship on IMVU as I believe that things like that should only occur in real life. Even if you develop any kind of connection with someone, it definitely isn't advisable. I had to take a few years break from IMVU to devote myself to studying hard in order to accomplish my dream. I only came back recently and I find it interesting to see how people act. Many people say that this game is of no educational value, but I strongly disagree with it. Especially now, with many foreigners signing up, you may get to learn foreign expressions by seeing them using them repeatedly.

After all, they are simply saying the same things you do, but using different language code, which they absorbed when growing up. By observing others you may also learn what you should avoid. Getting addicted, looking for a date or using money on the site are actions not to follow. Many people end up being disappointed because they unnecessarily trusted someone and spent money on them. This stuff happens in real life all the time, but you can come across it here too. You can always bump into some VIP/AP going on about how bored they are. I ask VIP/AP whether life is boring. Thanks God I didn’t waste my time to get the answer. I am glad that I haven’t spent on IMVU more than $10. I remembered buying a name token for $1.00 back in 2007. It was during a massive sale and I did it because I wanted to become a developer. I don’t really need a VIP since I’m an old member, which is quite nice. I am not using the website currently but you never know what will happen. When I reach 60 and have nothing better to do during my retirement I may just as well come back.

Honestly, I think these are only elders who should use IMVU to relax and chat with others, not young people who instead of working hard spend their days online complaining to others. Currently I aim to do no more than simply watch people on the pulse and in rooms while I’m working since it’s quite intriguing to see how everyone behaves like it was real life. There must be something wrong with these people and I hope they will be given proper help. Sometimes I wonder whether I could help, but it would mean devoting some time to getting to know the person better so eventually they listen to me when I tell them that this world isn’t real. I find the reviews on IMVU rather interesting. I’m happy that I had a chance to explore this. Great! I hope that all members will continue to stupidly spend their time and money on IMVU just to keep the website going because observing them gives me so much fun.

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