1984 Novel By George Orwell – Social Science Fictional Genre

1984 is a popular Science Fictional Novel Written By George Orwell Published in 1949. The Novel is a Socio Science fictional novel which has described many effects of the society during the wars. The Book has been awarded times and has remained the New York Time Best Seller Novel For a Long time.

1984 is having millions of readers. It has been translated into many languages and its different ebook version like PDF, epub, mobi, and audiobook has also been launched and released.

1984 Ebook Novel – Reader’s Review And Details:

1984 Novel gives a detail version of the war of 1984 when civilization was highly damaged by civil wars and conflicts. Millions of people have been displaced by the war and thousands have died. The Situation of war gives rises to many new leaders and ideology which were adopted by the locals to improve their lifestyle.

The Story reveals a situation of Winston Smith who is the main character of the book. It shows hows Winston Smith treat the situation and made his connections with police and other persons during the war.

I wouldn’t be revealing more spoilers of the book, go download it and read it on your own and I m sure that you would love the plot and the characters of the novel.

Primary Character:

  • Winston Smith
  • Julia
  • Big Brother
  • O’Brien
  • Emmanuel Goldstein

Book Details:

  • Originally published: June 8, 1949
  • Author: George Orwell
  • Page count: 328
  • Set in: Airstrip One (London), Oceania
  • Characters: Big Brother, Winston Smith, Emmanuel Goldstein, Julia, O’Brien, Syme
  • Genres: Utopian and dystopian fiction, Political fiction, Social science fiction

Final Wording:

The book is based on a real story, so must read it. It has a message for its readers from real life experiences. The Book is generally available in all book shops, and is present on amazon for shipping. Apart from all this, ebook fomats of the book is also available which can be used for reading it.

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