Best Wireless Earbuds For Running

Whether you walk or run you need something to carry you through your exercise. Music can help you keep your mind off the burn as you get some miles. People usually uses head phones for listening to the music while doing exercise but some times the wires of the head phones is annoying and disturbs you during your running. The best solution to this annoying problem is Wireless Earbuds.

Criteria For Best Wire0less Earbuds:

The Criteria for Top Earbuds for running is simple like:

  • Must be Wireless.
  • Should always stay in your ears.
  • Should sound good.
  • Feel good in the years.

This is the criteria we used to find out some of the best Earbuds for you which can be used during running.

List Of Top 4 Wireless Earbuds For Running:

Below are the top Wireless earbuds for running.

  • JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless.
  • Jaybird X3.
  • Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless.
  • Jabra Elite 25e.

JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless:

JLab Audio Epic Sport is actually an upgrade to JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless headphones. Both of these Wireless Earbuds have a same price i.e $ 100. These Earbuds comes with a bendable earhooks, and Multiple eartip sizes. JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless provides three types of cush fins which keeps the buds in place. There are three buttons in a streamlined remote for inline controls. The Epic Sports earbuds can withstand dust and powerful water jets makes it able to withstand rigorous workouts and running. The another best feature about this earbuds is its outstanding long battery life which is over than 12 hours. However the negative point is its skinny wires are very delicate and are very simple and easy to break the headphones. Keep these Earbuds in there case while you don’t use it to keep it safe.

Jaybird X3:

Jaybird X3 is the new updated version of the famous Jaybird X2 Wireless earbuds. Jaybird X3 is not among the fashionable Earbuds for you but these earbuds provide you best features with accessories. The best thing about these Earbuds is it provide you customizable sound profile. Just like the X2 X3 can also be worn with the wires hanging straight downward. While using earbuds you will probable take a while to get the right fit because of a lot tip and fin and many earbud configurations.

Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless:

Beats powerbeats3 wireless earbuds are developed by Dre Powerbeats and is a very good choice for listening to music while doing rigorous activities such as running, workout in the gym, skiing etc. the best thing about these earbuds is they fit well in the ears which helps to offer exceptional connectivity and provide long battery life. With these earbuds with your self you don’t need to sacrifice quality in sound, your comfort and style because Beats powerbeats3 covers all of these features. The design of these earbuds wont let it fall from your ears in any condition which makes it the best for listening to music while running.

Jabra Elite 25e:

If you have a bit and looking for the Best Earbuds in the market Jabra Elite 25e is one of the best option for you to purchase. Jabra Elite 25e is a little expensive earbuds from the other earbuds in the market but it gives you a solid performance compared to others. Jabra Elite has an adjustable neckband with a balanced sound and battery life over 14 hours. The neck band of these earbuds is a bit flexible which enables it to fit better for people who are broader in shoulder and neck area.

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