Ceiling Removal Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor

Reasons To Paint Your Ceiling Black

I grew up believing that ceilings had to be white — or, at the very least, a paler version of the wall color. Black ceilings? It sounded like something only a rebellious teenager would do.

I gotta confess that I’m a convert. Black ceilings can hide a multitude of sins, call attention to something you want to emphasize or instill a touch of drama.

To echo other elements in the room. If there’s a lot of black elsewhere in the room, a black ceiling can tie things together and create a unified look.

To emphasize trim. Got some awesome millwork? Make it pop by painting the surrounding surfaces black.

To make a ceiling look lower. High ceilings always sound good. But in reality, they can make a space feel cold and imposing. Black paint will make the ceiling feel lower without sacrificing space.

breathtakingly gorgeous ceiling paint colors and one that isn’t

Are you ready?

Painter dude is balking at the paint selections of the woman I hired to help me select them! So, hubs gets on the band wagon and starts questioning and making me doubt myself.

Painter: You should only paint the ceiling white. Never saw it done any other way.

Painter: If you paint the ceiling that dark blue it’s going to make the ceiling look lower

Painter: You need to paint the ceiling, wall and trim a different color

I am going to tell you something and anyone else who’d like to listen. With the exception of maybe one in a hundred, do not listen to a word your painter is saying about the colors. Is your designer telling him how to paint? I wonder how that would go over!

I can relate; it’s happened to me a few times and yes, it’s infuriating because it instills fear and doubt in our mutual client. The painter only knows what he knows and in most cases, it’s extremely limited when it comes to selecting colors.

It will almost definitely go purple. If you want a purple ceiling, then it will be fine, if not, then stay away. Otherwise, these whites are all excellent choices for a white or off-white ceiling.

Things To Remember When Painting Your Ceiling

When you have a home and come to realize that the time has come to paint your ceiling, it’s important to remember that you’re looking at a painting project that may take at least a couple of days. There are certain things that you should bear in mind, however, that will not only make your painting of the ceiling better but will actually improve the painting itself as well as have it last longer overall.

Remove Furniture From The Room If Possible

In the course of painting your ceiling, you will spend much of the time moving around the room and when doing so you will not want to be maneuvering around the various furniture that can be found in the room.

Sand Before You Paint

It should be fairly well known that part of the painting process for both exterior and interior painting involves sanding the surface of that which is being painted, but some people don’t realize that this extends to ceilings as well.

Use A Portable Ladder To Reach The Ceiling

For those who have access to a telescoping handle for their paint roller, that can be quite good for the painting process.

Cover The Floor With Heavy Drop Cloths

You will likely want to cover the floor of the room where the ceiling is being painted in that the ceiling paint and paint in general tends to drip.

How much does a gallon of paint cover?

You’ve finally landed on the perfect color for your next painting project. Now, you’re probably wondering how much paint to buy. First, you’ll need to understand paint coverage so that you can get your interior paint estimate right.

Every room has its own quirks that impact how much a gallon of paint will cover. Things like the condition, texture and porosity of your wall surface can make a difference in how much paint the walls will soak up. Below are the general paint coverage guidelines to follow, assuming your walls are in good condition, plus some things to keep in mind in those quirky edge cases.

Paint Coverage

One gallon of Wall Paint will cover approximately 375-425 square feet.

One gallon of Trim Paint will cover approximately 375-425 square feet.

One gallon of Ceiling Paint will cover approximately 350-400 square feet.

One gallon of Primer will cover approximately 225-275 square feet.


It might surprise you, but a fresh canvas is not necessarily the most efficient one. Fresh drywall is very porous and will soak up much of your paint so priming drywall with at least two coats first is a must. Granted, most drywall will be pre-primed or even painted by the time you get to it, but if you’re replacing drywall after a leak, for instance, or working on a newly renovated space, factor in an extra coat or two of primer to be sure your surface is well-prepped.


A textured wall means more surface area, which means you’ll need more paint to cover it. Think stucco, brick, popcorn ceilings,or similar surfaces which have more surface area to paint. We recommend buying 20 percent more paint for a textured surface (so, if you are painting a 100-square-foot room, account for 120 square feet).


She just isn’t use to strong colors but after a few years she decided it was a great choice. Painting walls any color other than white can be a real challenge. Especially if the colors are bold like orange, yellow, blue, or even RED!!!

And you can cheat a little by using the right supplies – which cost only $27 and can be used for years!! Last weekend I had to paint a bathroom ceiling. So I decided to share all my tips and show you how to paint a straight ceiling line without using painter’s tape.

Here’s your supply list

Purdy 2.5 inch ClearCUT Glide Brush

Purdy Jumbo Mini Roller Frame

Purdy White Dove 3/8 inch Nap Rollers (for Mini Roller)

2 Gallon Bucket

Wire Grid for 2 Gallon Bucket

Wiping Cloths (for mistakes and drips)

Drop Cloth

Here’s what you’ll learn

How to paint a straight ceiling line between a white ceiling and bold colored wall

How to preserve paint brushes so they last for years

I love sharing this stuff because I know it’s going to help you with your own project.

Paint a Straight Ceiling Line with These Awesome Supplies

If you want a good paint job you need to use Purdy paint brushes and rollers. Yes, paint type is important too. But the best paint will look terrible if applied with an el cheapo brush & roller. I’ve been using Purdy supplies for years because they give the best looking results.