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We are recognized for our IM software but in fact we can makeMen having great sense of humor ranked number three to be a personality characteristic that attracts women on review results conducted by several magazines. Topping the survey is physical appearance and number two, financial stability.

Laughing can be quite good for one’s health, matching to researchers. And a great sense of humor, which creates laughter, can make a whole lot of difference specially when seeing women.

A lot of women see a man with a great sense of humor very attractive mainly because it makes the talk a great deal lighter, it makes them laugh and dating a man who’s very serious in his prospect in life makes the talk heavy and may become very boring, matching to studies, among 2 hundred college students.


The same analysis indicated that women like sensible men and a great sense of humor is associated with intelligence, as a guy with wits can think fast, able to create a joke instantly that is suitable to the problem is brilliant indeed which is no “non-sense”.

Indeed, “laughter is the best medicine”. Sizeable research and studies have proven that laughter and humor benefits the body as well as the sentiment. It boost the “immune system”, reduces stress, relax the muscles, “lowers blood circulation pressure”, raises pain tolerance and hastens the procedure of curing. No marvel women feel so excellent being with a guy with great love of life!

Men having good sense of humor are always cheerful. To them, daily is sunny. Should dark clouds seem, they depend on laughter, confident that all problems will go away and instead of being discouraged, they move on with so much hope.

Even if a guy is not actually that attractive bodily, but with a great love of life, women are usually drawn to him. Why? Because corresponding to most women in a survey final result, they are really more at ease with these types of men, as they make the women laugh and for that reason, let them believe that they can open up almost anything; a man with a great love of life encourages the girl to be assured.

Generally, men with a feeling of humor have so much spunk in life. Not only can they think of a joke unrehearsed, but also can take a joke.

Listed below are ways to sharpen and transform your life love of life:

1. Encourage an environment of laughter and humor in the partnership you have by focusing on the comical or funny side and delighting in the laughter that they bring to mind. Then, you will soon start to see humor in things that you do, including the problems that will come and take care of them without stress in your relationship.

2. When you are feeling you don’t laugh much and you feel that you should appropriate this, relate yourself with entertaining and funny people. Make an effort to go to happy places and also you and your partner can take part in fun and lively activities.

3. Try laughing at yourself with the situations around you. A lot of people are not able to laugh because they are insecure of themselves and because of personal doubts. Often, they can be worried to look silly before others and present the impression to be foolish, according to psychiatrists. It is vital to become conscious that people make or commit mistakes which is when you set up a pleasurable laugh can make such mistake seem human.

4. Read on funny books and gather clean jokes. Then when the need occurs, there is always a joke ready to lighten up someone else’s day!

5. So as to neutralize disagreement in your relationship, use humor. When things in your romantic relationship get uptight, “self deprecating humor” can lighten things. “Self-deprecating humor” promotes humility and nurtures courage, needed to take off the mask that a person wears when insecure and uncovers one’s weakness to his partner.

Having love of life in your relationship will add a whole lot zest, make it become worthwhile and can help both partners see life in some other perspective. A more carefree, cheerful and positive romance will prosper because of this of your happy disposition between couples. all types of software.