Nova Launcher Prime 4.3.1 APK

All the Android device usually come with a standard display. All the apps in the display are set by the brand. The apps in the display are very useful but it is not necessary that the apps will be according to the needs and wants of the users. In the device you cant change the display or design it with your own need easily. For changing the display and design you need a specific app. That specific app is known as launchers. There are thousands of launchers apps designed to get the job done for you. One of the most best launcher for you is Nova launcher prime. Nova Launcher Prime is the premium version of Nova launcher Prime. Nova Launcher prime provide you different editing apps which are usually more than any other traditional apps.

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime:

The following are the key features of Nova launcher Prime.

  • There are thousands of Nova Launcher Prime themes available in the Google Play Store for Android users.
  • Nova Launcher Prime provide you greater control over your device.
  • In Nova launcher prime you can move apps and widgets all way in the desktop easily.
  • In Nova Launcher prime you can give different colors to folders, unread badges, apps, background etc.
  • With Nova Launcher Prime you can easily customize your app drawer.
  • Create different folders in the app drawer to reach your wanted apps easily.
  • Nova Launcher prime is one of the fasted launcher for you. It don’t get your cell phone slow and get the job done for you in a seconds.

Final words:

For Android devices there is no better launcher than the Nova Launcher Prime. It charge an amount of money to install it but the money you paid is worth it.

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