Overview On Septic Systems And The Sewer Inspection Process

Sewer Line Video Inspection Services

Tired of dealing with sewer line clogs? Get to the source of the problem with sewer line video inspection

Without the right equipment, it’s nearly impossible to determine what’s going wrong inside the sewer lines of your home, but it’s often obvious that a problem exists. That’s why it’s nice being able to call us at Miracle Plumbing Inc. when you want to know more about your home’s drain pipe systems. The pipes running through your home do a lot for all the fixtures of your house, and it’s vital to keep them in proper working order

offer inspection, cleaning, and repair services to make sure that’s possible for you. And when the issue is deeply rooted in your sewer lines, we can use our sewer line video inspection to find the source of the problem and get it solved once and for all.

Do You Have Sewer Line Issues?

Detecting possible sewer line issues is one of the first steps to getting your home functioning properly again. Some of the more common indicators that a sewer line is blocked include:

Sewage backup

Slow draining toilet or fixtures throughout home

Very green sections of lawn

Strange gurgling noises

Backed up toilets

Unpleasant smells

Slow moving drains

While many homeowners opt for DIY cleanings and store-bought chemicals, you could be worsening the issue. Sewer line cleaning and repair is not effective if you don’t know where the problem is. With a sewer video camera inspection, plumbers can get an inside look at your sewer lines, finding you an effective solution for your home needs.

Plumbing Questions to Ask During a Home Inspection

Plumbing Questions to Ask During a Home Inspection

So, You Going to Purchase a New Home… Okay, you just made one of the biggest, most important decisions in your life. You’re buying a home. It’s your picture-perfect home, in your picture-perfect neighborhood, close to everything you have on your wish list. You’ve done practically everything except finalize the deal.

Wait just a darn minute! You’re buying a home, not a blender.

If you find out there’s something wrong with it, you can’t simply make a trip to the return department. Buying a home is a considerable investment and needs to be treated as such. So, before you finalize anything, your “picture-perfect” home needs to be formally inspected, lest you find yourself throwing your hard-earned dough into a money pit.

Many first-time home buyers don’t realize that it’s their responsibility to hire a home inspector. Make sure you make an offer conditional upon inspection or get one done before you make a bid.

A home inspection is a professional visual exam of the home’s roof, HVAC and electrical systems, foundation and, of course, the plumbing. A home inspection helps discover potential expenses above and beyond the agreed upon sale price, which puts you, the homebuyer, in a position for negotiation. If issues are found, you, the buyer, can stipulate that the seller either repair them before closing or agrees to help cover the costs.

Perhaps even more importantly, a home inspection buys you peace of mind. After all, you’re considering purchasing something that’s going to cost you thousands of dollars, and your inspector could uncover a major flaw that can’t be seen with the naked eye

Sewer Camera Inspection

There are several benefits to choosing a sewer camera inspection over a dig and search solution.

It takes guesswork out of the equation while avoiding unnecessary measures such as digging up your yard.

Effectively pinpoints problems that can go unseen underground.

A low cost method for locating problem areas in sewage pipes.

Customers can see problem areas first hand without the need to dig.

Free Sewer Camera Inspection with a paid Sewer Cleaning

Free Sewer Camera Inspection with a free second opinion or estimate.

How does it work?

A plumbing specialist locates an access point for the inspection. The specialist will then run a video line down the branch lines or down the sewer line of the home. At the very end of the line is a camera that allows you to see the sewage pipes up close and in detail. This gives an accurate view and a complete understanding of a pipe’s condition. When problem areas are discovered, specialist will give an accurate diagnosis while explaining proper solutions. A detailed plan will then be created to fit your budgetary needs.

What problems the inspection can identify?

A video camera inspection can come in handy if your home experiences continued clogs, backups and slow drains. By running a camera down the sewage pipe, it allows specialists to identify what is going on so can take the most economical course of action.

By utilizing sewer camera inspection can identify problems such as root intrusion, as well as pipes that are misaligned, broken, punctured, or corroded. Other more common problem areas can also be identified such as grease buildup, leaks and other obstructions. All of these problem areas can affect the flow rate and break down the pipe’s integrity. Luckily all of these problems can be easily identified and fixed.

A camera inspection can also come in handy before purchasing a home. This helps to ensure that sewer lines are free of problems before you move in.


Video technology has revolutionized plumbing inspections. A sewer camera inspection can detect problems in the all-important sewer line quickly and accurately.

This is essential for a homeowner who suddenly experiences plumbing difficulties. Nothing is more disruptive to a smooth-running home life than trouble with the pipes. It is also a critical method that homebuyers and people considering a renovation or remodel use to determine the condition of the property.

How It Works

A sewer camera inspection checks out the condition of your underground sewer line. Using fiber optic cable and infra-red light, it provides the plumber with an accurate picture. He can stay above ground while inspecting the interior of the line by watching a monitor.

What It Detects

When the sewer line develops problems, the lives of the people in the home are disrupted. Without reliable plumbing, it’s hard to start the day, fix food and keep clean. A wonky sewer line is also a potential health hazard, affecting your home and those of your neighbors.

Develop a Workable Plan

When a skilled plumber knows exactly what is wrong, he can put together a plan. This involves repairing the immediate obstruction or defect and also preventing the problem from happening again.


A professional sewer camera inspection can save you time, money, and hassle by giving you a high-definition look inside your residential or commercial sewer lines

know how quickly a sewer problem can ruin your day. If you’re dealing with repeated backups or clogs, or if you’re considering purchasing a new property


To have your pipes professionally inspected, one of certified technicians will insert a high-definition camera attached to a snake-like cable into your sewer line through a single access point. This camera will be fed through your sewer lines, allowing us to view any damage, buildup, or clogs within your pipes. A radio transmitter attached to this camera tells experts exactly where the problem in your sewer line is located, ensuring that have all of the necessary information to make repairs if an issue is found.


A professional sewer camera inspection is the only way to know precisely what is happening inside your sewer lines. This process gives plumbing professionals the opportunity to see and understand the state of your sewer pipes without any guesswork or digging on your property. Professional sewer camera inspections save you time and money by preventing unnecessary work and let you rest easy knowing for sure the state of your sewer line.


If you’re considering purchasing a new home or business, one of the most important things you can do is have the sewer lines professionally inspected to ensure that there are no underlying problems waiting to be discovered in your future pipes. Even if you’ve owned your property for years, regular sewer camera inspections will protect your investment by giving you an exact picture of any potential issues within your plumbing system.